How do you know you are giving them the love and support they need? When you: – Comfort them when they are hurting – Have their back when they are mistreated – Listen to their heart – Support them when they are falling or feel weak – Bring out the best in them – Encourage […]

Are You A Peace-maker or a Peace-breaker?

Are You A Peace-maker or a Peace-breaker? Most couples don’t know how to fight fair.  They just want to be heard and really don’t care about what their partner has to say.   Disagreements shouldn’t become full blown arguments with tempers flaring the voices yelling across the room.  There is a way to be a peacemaker […]

Your money, my money- whose money is it anyway?

Your money, my money- whose money is it anyway? Managing money can be challenging for some- even more challenging for couples. Although income gaps, unequal financial responsibilities, imbalanced spending habits are common, couples shouldn’t let money come between them. Look for the signs: Fear of disapproval- When partners constantly find themselves justifying purchases to each […]

10 Red Flags of an Unhealthy Relationship

We all know that relationships can be difficult.  It becomes even more challenging when you are involved in one that is unhealthy.  Here are 10 RED FLAGS that you may need to reevaluate your relationship or seek counseling to fully address problematic issues. Letting your partner define you– You’ve lost your identity based upon your […]

Commitment- Through Thick and Thin

Marriage requires commitment- we all know that.  When times are good, it’s easy to commitment. No worries, high intimacy, great communication.   But what about the times when commitment is hard?  When you’ve fallen out of love?  When you are hurt by what they did?  When you are frustrated by what they didn’t do? It’s during […]

Are You Growing Apart?

Over time, couples may find themselves growing apart. They become unhappy, but they’re not quite sure when it began.  The ebb and flow is sometimes hard to navigate.  That’s why it’s important to always pay attention to your partner- changes in their behavior or response toward you like shutting down, spending more time away, etc.  […]


Everyone wants respect from their spouse.  However, it’s not always given.  They say respect is earned.  But in relationships, we don’t always know how.   I mean, you’re married which means you should naturally respect each other, right?  WRONG!  Sometimes, mistakes and flaws get in the way.  When you disappoint or hurt your partner time […]

Why Is Individuality Important?

Is it healthy to have “individuality” in your marriage?  Can you maintain a sense of identity while “becoming one” with your spouse? Although many may disagree, I would say YES!  Having independence and autonomy is extremely important in marriage.  You need to continue enjoying who you are and growing into who God created you to […]

Secrets of A Very Happy Wife

According to the National Marriage Project or the University of Virginia, “wives who report being very happy with their marriages- who are less prone to divorce- aren’t just lucky.” They take action to make their marriage the best despite their situations or circumstances. Here are the 5 predictors of happy wives: 1) They have a […]

Can We Save Our Marriage?

So, what does it take to make marriage last? Let’s look at the research: Feeling special. According to the Early Years of Marriage Project funded by the National Institutes of Health, three-fourths of happy couples reported that their spouses made them feel special often. “Doing or saying small things frequently to make your partner feel […]