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We share 30 years of friendship and 21 years of marriage. Through the ups and downs of our relationship- from Jr High friends, to High School Sweethearts, engaged and married in college, 2 babies born by graduation, and here we stand at our 22 year anniversary- we can truly say we are a testimony of how God can give grace, show mercy, and bestow blessings. We have 2 wonderful children, Isaiah 21 and Jaelyn 19. They are also a testimony of God’s protection and amazing love.

We designed Flip My Marriage to provide helpful tools and resources to couples. We believe that relationships can be renovated and restored through hard work, deep commitment, and strong dedication to the process. Whether it’s minor improvements, major renovation, or rebuilding from the foundation- Flip My Marriage has the tools for you. Eric & I believe that IT’S POSSIBLE to have the marriage you desire, in spite of the challenges, setbacks, pain and disappointment that marriage itself may bring.

Marriage isn’t easy– but with the right tools, it can be EASIER to have a loving, fulfilling relationship with your spouse. Let us share our story… Go on this journey with us!

Marriages in the US
Divorces in the US
First marriages end in divorce
0 %
Average Cost to Dissolve a Marriage
$ 0

All statistics are from Forbes Advisor Revealing Divorce Statistics In 2024 by Christy Bieber, J.D

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Our Mission

Flip My Marriage provides innovative educational opportunities designed to empower you with tools needed to end toxic cycles, enhance communication, increase intimacy, and eliminate harmful behavior patterns to improve the quality of your relationship.

Through the 8 phases of our “renovation system” you will be motivated to embrace new approaches to build successful, meaningful relationships that are strengthened through love, hope, and trust in one another.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

How does this process work?

Like “flipping” a house, Eric & Christina want to “FLIP YOUR MARRIAGE” giving you the tools to renovate, repair, and restore your relationship. Flip My Marriage educational resources are designed to help couples build a solid foundation and establish a secure framework for a strong marriage. Learn strategies, gain skills and discover your full potential together.

Where do I start?

Well, start with FREE! Download our 13 Marriage Hacks to get started. Next would be the Communication MasterClass which will give you all the tools you need to communicate with your partner effectively. We have 3 dynamic courses to help you build the marriage desire!

What courses do you offer?

Marriage Renovation– comprehensive program to help struggling couples transform their relationship by transitioning through phases of our renovation system.

Phase 1– inspection/consultation
Phase 2– foundation
Phase 3– roof
Phase 4– demolition
Phase 5– frame
Phase 6– plumbing/electric
Phase 7– walls
Phase 8– cosmetics

All working together to build an amazing marriage that you can both enjoy.

Affair Recovery– learn to heal through acceptance, accountability, forgiveness, and letting go.

House on Fire– stabilize your marriage with helpful tools found in our 6 modules designed to extinguish the flames and get back on the path to recovery.

Can I schedule a consultation?

Yes you can! Go to Calendly.com/flipmymarriage and book a call with me!


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