by | Jul 4, 2021

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How do you know you are giving them the love and support they need?

When you:

– Comfort them when they are hurting

– Have their back when they are mistreated

– Listen to their heart

– Support them when they are falling or feel weak

– Bring out the best in them

– Encourage them to reach their full potential

– Make them happy

– Recognize they are human and make mistakes

– Forgive when they mess up

– Consider their feelings

They should:

– Feel safe

– Be open with you

– Trust you

– Feel you are proud of them

– Brag on how wonderful you are

– Feel comfortable with you

– Feel they can be completely vulnerable with you and share their heart

– Not feel ashamed with you because they know your love is unconditional

If you’ve had any doubts- that’s how you know!

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