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“Flip My Marriage” is an experience which provides couples with tools to rebuild and restore their marriage. Whether it’s minor improvements, major renovations, or rebuilding from the foundation – Flip My Marriage has the tools for you!

Flip My Marriage Marriage coaching with Christina Allen, LPC
Marriages in the US
Divorces in the US
First marriages end in divorce
0 %
Average cost to dissolve marriage
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All statistics are from Forbes Advisor Revealing Divorce Statistics In 2024 by Christy Bieber, J.D

Marriage Coaching Vs. Marriage Counseling

The Flip My Marriage Experience

Marriage coaching and marriage counseling serve distinct purposes. Marriage coaching focuses on personal and relational growth, goal-setting, and communication improvement. On the other hand, marriage counseling addresses specific issues, often rooted in the past, and aims to resolve conflicts through therapeutic interventions.

While being a licensed counselor provides a strong foundation, my approach as your coach will be very different. In addition, counseling adheres to strict state boundaries that prohibits serving clients outside of state lines. Coaching does not, which is why my counseling practice is located and limited only to clients in Arkansas.

The Flip My Marriage Experience focuses solely on educating using our life experiences, marriage resources and relationship skills.

the flip my marriage experience
the flip my marriage experience

All Things Are Possible

Flip My Marriage offers an enriching experience to transform your relationship. Our digital courses and social media platform provide tools to rebuild, renovate, and restore your bond from the comfort of your home. No office visits required – learn and grow together right from your own couch. We help you design a blueprint for a stronger, healthier relationship with more love, compassion, and passion. Join us and BUILD the relationship you’ve always wanted.

13 Marriage Hacks

Get started today by downloading Flip My Marriage’s free “13 Marriage Hacks” eBook. Discover the secrets to a fulfilling marriage & transform your marriage with expert advice and strategies.

Communication Masterclass

Are you and your spouse struggling with poo communication and feeling unhappy in your marriage? Our expert-led course is designed to improve communication and build stronger, more fulfilling relationships.

Flip My Marriage Renovation

A comprehensive program designed to help struggling couples transform their relationship from the inside out. This course will guide you through each phase of the Renovation process, from consultation to the final touches.

“Our marriage has become TOXIC - What should we do?”

Get the tools…Do the work…Flip Your Marriage TODAY!

13 marriage hacks flipmymarriage

Download Our Free Guide to the 13 Marriage Hacks to Improve The Communication in Your Marriage!