Everyone wants respect from their spouse.  However, it’s not always given.  They say respect is earned.  But in relationships, we don’t always know how.   I mean, you’re married which means you should naturally respect each other, right?  WRONG!  Sometimes, mistakes and flaws get in the way.  When you disappoint or hurt your partner time and time again, you are likely going to lose respect.  And it takes CONSISTENT ACTION to earn back what you’ve lost.  So what can you do?  Here are a few simple tips that may help…

  1. KISS & TELL. (Show them AND tell them you love them)
    • They say “Actions speak louder than words” but demonstrating and verbalizing love are BOTH important
    • The more your actions align with what you say, the increased chance you have at earning what you lost
  2. KEEP YOUR PROMISES. (Promises ARE NOT made to be broken)
    • Always do what you say you’re going to do
    • Follow-through will take your relationship a long way
  3. ADJUST YOUR LENSE. (See the big picture)
    • Look at things from your partner’s perspectives as well.
    • Their perspective should be considered.
    • Get a clear understanding BEFORE you fire back
    • “They may NOT be RIGHT, but they are NOT always WRONG”
  4. JUST SAY SOMETHING! (Let them know you are listening)
    1. Give a response (don’t shut them out, give the blank stare or walk away)
    2. You don’t always have to have the right answer before you respond!
    3. Say “I’m not sure, but we can talk about it again ________” (provide an exact time for discussion).
    4. Remember to go back to the conversation- don’t leave it open or forget
    5. Closure in a conversation can be good- hopefully it means you have found a solution!