Repairing a Broken Relationship

Can trust be restored? Will you ever be able to trust them again? Was their betrayal so painful that you will never trust them again or is this something that is painful yet bearable- as in we can work through this. Can you forgive? Forgiving doesn’t mean you submit or agree. It just means that […]

The Comparison Factor

So, let me give you a few good reasons why you should not compare your relationship to others: You have no idea what it took for them to get where they are You don’t know their experiences, you don’t know what they went through, you don’t know how difficult it may have been for them […]

5 Essentials for Relationship Success

DESIRE- Your partner needs to feel attractive and admired by you. They need to feel needed- like they are an essential part of your life. You’ve got to show affection toward them- kisses on the forehead, back rubs, holding hands- these little things matter. Fulfill them in every way- create intimacy, connection, opportunities to show, […]

A Little Praise Can Make a Big Difference

Answer these questions: Do you notice their strengths or do you focus on their weaknesses? Do you focus on their potential or only on their flaws? You see, your partner can’t grow if you’re holding them down. If you’re only focused on the wrongs and not the rights- you could be hurting your relationship. Your […]

When Saying I Love You Isn’t Enough

You see, “I love you” requires demonstration. It requires evidence. It requires substantiation. “I love you” should not be used lightly because it also implies the desire to please and express appreciation. When your love is not experienced by your spouse, you have missed an opportunity to bring fulfillment. You have broken the healthy cycle […]

Is This Really Worth Arguing About?

Pick your battles. It’s really important to weigh the consequences of an argument. Every little issue is not worth fighting about. Some things should be tabled for another day and others should be fully addressed in the moment. You have to weigh the costs and benefits of addressing each situation. Is it worth sleeping on […]

When The Honeymoon Is OVER!

When dating, we always present our “best self.” We want to impress and entice. We pursue our potential partner with fervor and want to do everything right to make them happy. However, for some, once you’ve got them, you let down your guard a little. You start to show who you really are because you […]

How To RESET Your Relationship

It’s important to realize that relationships have different levels. Each level of your relationship will bring bigger challenges and more complex skills are needed to overcome these obstacles. Getting to the next level can sometimes be pretty tough. So RESET can put you back at the beginning of the same level of your relationship. It’s […]

Feeling Empowered In Your Relationship

How you see things affects how you respond to situations and circumstances around you. When you change your thoughts, behaviors, or beliefs- you can ultimately change your life. In the same manner, you also have the ability to create change your relationship. Commit to changing yourself and your relationship dynamic using these 7 tips… Believe […]