Are You Tired Of Feeling Stuck In Your Relationship? Do You Long For Deeper Connection And Meaningful Communication With Your Partner?


The Renovation Course is a comprehensive program designed to help struggling couples transform their relationship from the inside out. With a step-by-step approach, this course will guide you through each phase of the Renovation process, from consultation to the final touches.

In Phase 1, you’ll start by gaining a deeper understanding of the potential ups and downs of being in a relationship with your partner. You’ll also learn how to identify problems and assess the level of the issues within your relationship.

Phase 2
Next, in Phase 2, you’ll explore the foundation of a strong relationship by examining core values and principles. You’ll discover why these values are crucial for building a solid foundation that will support your relationship for years to come.

Phase 3
In Phase 3, you’ll focus on the love that binds you together. You’ll learn how to cultivate and nurture love in your relationship so that it can grow and thrive.

Phase 4
In Phase 4, you’ll tackle the tough stuff by engaging in demolition work. You’ll learn how to remove unwanted energy from your relationship, making space for the positive and loving energy that you deserve.

Phase 5
Phase 5 is all about communication. You’ll discover why communication is the frame of your relationship and learn practical techniques for improving communication with your partner.

Phase 6
In Phase 6, you’ll focus on creating deep and meaningful connections with your partner. You’ll learn how to create flow in your relationship and discover the key elements that keep it flowing.

Phase 7
Phase 7 is all about boundaries. You’ll learn how to break down and describe what relationship boundaries are and how to create healthy boundaries that support a strong and loving relationship.

Phase 8
Finally, in Phase 8, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor by building and enjoying great experiences and interactions with your partner after deeper work has been done in the relationship.