Holding Things Together

Over time things change- from our relationship dynamic, physical appearance, interactions with others, and individual growth. Although all transitions are not bad, they can sometimes be difficult to manage. How can you support your partner when they become distant due to the stress of life challenges? Be HOPEFUL that you will make it through it […]

Hang On Tight, Don’t Let Go

You always hear about “commitment” in relationships. But even deeper than your commitment is your determination. You have to be determined to stay committed. Staying together through the hurt, pain and disappointment requires determination. Both of you have to have intention on hanging on even when it hurts. You have to find purpose through the […]

Why You Need An Emotionally Fit Marriage

We often talk about the importance of physical fitness to our health and overall well-being. But emotional fitness is just as important. If your partner is unhappy, you can’t be happy. Sometimes they make you feel just as miserable as they are due to their discontentment and dissatisfaction. And if you think you are happy […]

A Little Space Please?

So why is giving space important in a relationship? Think back- early in your relationship you were probably stuck to each other. I can remember calling just to hear his voice. Not talking about anything. Basically listening to him breathe. You say: “What are you doing?” He says: “Nothing, what are you doing?” You Say: […]

Ouch! That Hurt- Can You Forgive and Let It Go?

Well of course one would say it all depends or the situation. And that may be true. Pain comes with different intensities and levels. Some pain is bearable while other types of pain are not. But my question to you- “Is it possible to forgive without holding on to the pain?” I will ask you […]

Can You Hear Me Now?

Communication is a big part of a relationship. Without being able to talk to each other, even what seems like the best marriage can fall apart. Sometimes, people don’t communicate (they shut down) or communicate too much (won’t shut up). In both instances, it could be a ploy to control their partner’s response. Maybe shutting […]