Understanding Intuition- Trusting Your Partner’s Instincts

by | Sep 5, 2021

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Oftentimes, we think we know what’s best for ourselves.  However, there are some situations that our partner may have keen awareness or a “gut feeling” that we may miss.

It’s important to consider your partner’s perspective because they know you and want the best for you.  When you’re good, we’re good.

Sometimes your partner may see things that you don’t.  It’s important to listen and consider their intuition as well.

It takes TRUST and it takes TIME.

If YOU have the instinct- trust it.

If THEY have the instinct- trust them.

Timing is important- if they are telling you NOT to do it, it’s OK-  it may not be the right time.  OR if they are telling you GO FOR IT- it could be a great time.

Use their insight and your wisdom.  

REMEMBER-  “Gut instinct” is different from an OPINION

Instinct is similar to a hunch- how you feel about something without a lot of thought wrapped around it- it sends a strong message.  Opinion is based upon thought.  A strong “gut instinct” can protect you both from harm or lead you to awesome opportunities.

Talk about it together, be honest with what you feel and why, use the knowledge you have, and make the best decision.

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