Let’s Talk About Loyalty

What is it?

Loyalty: commitment,  faithfulness,  devotion

When does loyalty go too far?

  • When you’re committed to the wrong things
  • When your relationship is unhealthy
  • When YOU are in an unhealthy state

When are you committed to the wrong things?


  • what they can buy and/or provide for you is more important
  • perceptions of others- more concerned about what others think
  • approval of others- more concerned about family/friend approval

Loyalty to things or people more than your partner is NOT GOOD- make sure you are loyal for the right reasons

You said you would never leave… 

When is it OK to let go of an unhealthy relationship?

When they-

  • Don’t give respect
  • Don’t care about your feelings
  • Aren’t committed
  • Make you feel unsafe
  • Manipulate and deceive
  • Don’t value you as a partner
  • Abuse and/or misuse you
  • Abandon or neglect you

Loyalty is important in relationships- YOU are important as well

When dating-

  • Don’t commit to someone who is not committed to you
  • Don’t commit to someone who is hurting you more than they are loving you


Don’t get me wrong, loyalty is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in relationships.  But If you find yourself sacrificing your happiness or confused about where you stand in your relationship- seek counseling.