How to Beat the Odds

How to Beat the Odds

“I can’t do this anymore…”  Let’s talk about divorce and how to beat the odds.

The Stats:

  • There are approximately 750,000 divorces in the US a year.  
  • The divorce rate is about 2.9 per 1000 
  • One divorce takes place every 13 seconds.

Top Leading Causes

  1. Lack of commitment
  2. Infidelity 
  3. Too much conflict
  4. Getting married too young
  5. Finances

**Arkansas has the highest divorce rate at 10.7% in the country.  

How do we beat these odds?

Know Your Opponent- DIVORCE

  • You know the leading factors, now challenge them
  • Preparation is key- go over your plan, review your tactics
  • Get ready to fight for your marriage!

Think Like Champion

  • They persevere
  • They find a way to overcome the obstacles
  • They play to WIN

Commit to the Process

  • Patience is required
  • Marriage is NOT easy, a TRUE MARRIAGE comes with effort and hard work 

Control Your Emotions

  • Self-control during the tough moments, when things get hard- you can’t just give up because it’s challenging

Use Your Failures to Conquer the Moment

  • There will be tough times, learn the lessons, apply what you learn

Focus on Your Goals

  • Don’t doubt your ability to achieve your relationship goals
  • Don’t lose sight of what you desire for your future goals
  • Don’t lose sight of what you desire for your future