FMM Renovation Intensive

FMM Intensive Coaching

Renovation Course One-on-One
$ 3499
  • Marriage Renovation Course
  • House on Fire Course
  • Affair Recovery Course
  • Communication Master Class
  • One-on-One Coaching (8 sessions)

Considering divorce can be daunting, especially with the high costs involved. The average divorce costs around $7,000. Instead, why not invest in saving your marriage? At Flip My Marriage, you can work with our experts for half the cost, at just $3499. This comprehensive package includes our Marriage Renovation Course plus 3 BONUS courses, and personalized individual coaching as we guide you through the 8 Phases of Marriage Renovation. Save your marriage (and your money) with Flip My Marriage.  You will be glad you did!

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What we will study:

PHASE 1 Inspection and Consultation

  •  Learning how to inspect your relationship
  •  Understanding what consist of a real consultation


PHASE 2 Foundation (Values)

  • Learning the difference and important of Principles and values


PHASE 3 Roof (Love)

  • Understanding importance of love within a developing relationship
  • How to maintain and protect your roof


PHASE 4 Demolition (Forgiveness)

  • How to navigate and address painful experiences within the relationship


PHASE 5 Frame (Communication)

  • Deep in-depth analysis of Communication and how it frames the entire relationship
  • How construct and or redesign the future of your relationship through communication


PHASE 6A Wiring (Connection- Spark)

  • You will learn how to bring life and vitality to your relationship despite prior experience


PHASE 6B Plumbing (Connection- Flow )

  • In this section you will understand how to draw closer to your partner thru different exercises and analysis


 PHASE 7 Walls (Boundaries)

  • This section discusses borders and boundaries in your relationship. How to create them, respect them and understand why they are important.


PHASE 8 Cosmetics (Goals & Inspiration)

  • The cosmetics phase helps us understand how to dream and building the best life together through teamwork and synergy