Grounding: Being Right Here, Right Now

by | Apr 22, 2021

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Being Right Here, Right Now

You might have heard people throw around the term “grounding.” The idea of grounding can be a bit perplexing. Grounding sometimes seems like a complex idea, yet in some ways, it can be profoundly simple.

Grounding is a concept that is embraced by far more than many counselors or other mental health providers. In fact, there is a footwear movement centered on the idea of being grounded through feeling the earth beneath one’s shoes. Practices such as yoga often connect to the concept of being grounded. Across disciplines, geography, and sectors, we human beings tend to recognize that being present in the here and now is a healthy practice.

I consider the following questions to embrace the current moment:

1. What do I hear?

2. What do I smell?

3. How are my shoulders feeling? And my jaw?

4. Are my breaths deep or shallow?

5. What feels uncomfortable right now? What feels comfortable?


What questions could connect you with right here, right now?


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