The Flip My Marriage Experience

Like “flipping” a house, Eric & Christina want to “FLIP YOUR MARRIAGE” giving you the tools to renovate, repair, and restore your relationship. Flip My Marriage educational resources are designed to help couples build a solid foundation and establish a secure framework for a strong marriage. Learn strategies, gain skills and discover your full potential together.

THE BLUEPRINT: 1-on-1 Relationship Consultation- 7 sessions 

Interventions- exercises- support- skills

High level of commitment required 

Get the Tools, Do the Work, Flip YOUR Marriage TODAY! 

For more info- FlipMyMarriage@gmail.com

Training Goals

1) Identify Love Languages & Relationship Needs
2: Develop a MARRIAGE BLUEPRINT with specific recommendations for immediate resusults
3) Receive a RELATIONSHIP TOOL KIT- learn effective skills to enhace the marriage- communication, forgiveness, conflict resolution, empathetic understanding, etc.

4) Practice learned skills through role play and modeling


FMM Biweekly Workshops  $45

Flip My Marriage CoursesRenovation, Affair Recovery, and House on Fire

Communication MasterClass ONLY $9