Challenging Cabin Fever- “I” Statements and Intentional Actions

by | Apr 22, 2021

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Challenging Cabin Fever:  

I Statements and Intentional Actions  


Being stuck in the house can be incredibly challenging for the body and the mind, but under some circumstances, it may be a time for fun, self-care, or even growth. With resources in reach and nowhere to go, you can utilize I statements married with intentional actions to cope with disruption in routine activities.  

It’s vital to remember, however, that making the most of a situation depends largely upon the specifics of said situation. I statements, intentions, and actions in this context should be utilized to relieve, rather than induce, stress.  

You can craft your own I statements then create specific, achievable plans for experiencing them. Below are a few examples of I statements and accompanying, specific actions for your inspiration. Use these as a springboard to create some of your own and see how it goes!  


“I will move my body.”  

Take deep breaths in through my nose and out of my mouth, feeling the air and acknowledging my body’s response.  

Stretch for grounding and to relieve tension (especially after spending too much time on the sofa).  

Exercise to feel my body’s strength and maintain some semblance of my daily routine.  

Dance because it feels just right.   


“I will use my mind.”   

Flex my creativity through painting, writing, making greeting cards, playing music, journaling, or anything else I delight in. 

Dream. Evaluate what is and imagine what could be. How am I living my heart’s desires? How could I be living them more fully?  


Learn from educational videos and hands-on trial and error.  


“I will improve my environment.”  

Declutter: Get rid of objects that have no purpose.  

Organize: Everything has an accessible, sensible place.  


Remember, you’re the expert on you. Practice self-awareness, check in with yourself, and consider what needs, wants, and desires your body are conveying. 


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